Trump blast ‘crooked’ US media

Oct 19, 2016
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blasted US mainstream media as being more crooked than his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blasted US mainstream media as being more crooked than his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

Republican nominee Donald Trump says the media is “more crooked than crooked Hillary,” Clinton, his Democratic presidential rival.

The comment in Grand Junction, Colorado, comes as Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence, have complained that the Nov 8 election is going to be, “rigged.”

They said the media was colluding with Clinton by reporting that multiple women accuse him of sexually assaulting them, as Trump insisted that there would be fraud at the polls on Election Day.

Trump earlier advised his supporters to ignore mainstream news outlets and instead “read the internet.”

Trump said that he doesn’t believe polls showing he’s lagging rival Clinton.

He told a rally crowd at an airplane hangar in Grand Junction, Colorado, that he drew crowds of thousands and thousands of people everywhere he went.

He predicted that he would pull off one of the greatest victories in US political history.

Meanwhile, 70 Nobel prize winners have endorsed Hillary Clinton.

They were winners in the fields of medicine, chemistry, physics and economics wrote that fighting Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and climate change require strong support for science and Clinton has that.

University of Colorado science policy professor Roger Pielke Jr. said Nobelists had been writing letters of support for Democrats since 2004.

He said it matters because it shows “that the nation’s elites are not supportive of Trump.”

That’s not news to Trump or his supporters, who said the nation’s governing elite of both parties don’t represent regular people.

Trump’s running mate Mike Pence has joined him to relentlessly hammer the national media coverage of the presidential race.

The Republican vice presidential candidate told supporters in Wilmington, North Carolina, that the election was not “exactly a fair fight” because “the media out there is doing half of Hillary Clinton’s work for her every day.”

Pence said the media is busy “chasing other stories” besides controversies surrounding the Democratic nominee.

The Indiana governor went on to quote from a front-page USA Today story detailing “the nexus among private companies, Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the Clinton Family Foundation.”

The Indiana governor then cited ABC News reporting suggesting Hillary Clinton’s State Department aides in 2010 played favorites with vendors and other entities during recovery efforts for a Haiti earthquake.

The story cited emails showing aides concerned with identifying groups close to former President Bill Clinton.

Trump has urged his supporters to ignore the mainstream news media in the final stretch of the presidential race because he believed the media was trying to take him down.

He told supporters at a rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado to, “forget the press, read the internet, study other things, don’t go for the mainstream media.”

He said that, when it comes to the internet, “you do get some dishonesty, too, but at least you can separate. At least you have a choice.”

Trump has been escalating his anti-press message in recent weeks, accusing news outlets of conspiring with rival Clinton’s campaign to defeat him.

Clinton’s campaign said Trump was warning of a rigged election to distract from bad press about his treatment of women and discourage Democratic voters.

Clinton aide Jen Palmieri says Trump is “losing and he wants to blame somebody else — and that’s what losers do.”

The Clinton campaigners expect voting to run smoothly.

Palmieri said Trump was trying to “turn off” Clinton backers. “They’re not gonna be deterred,” she said.