‘Hot dog is hot dog la’, Nazri fires Jakim

 |Oct 19, 2016
Nazri slams Jakim for being foolish on the 'hot dog' word.
Nazri slams Jakim for being foolish on the ‘hot dog’ word.

The controversy over the usage of the word “hot dog” is ridiculous and “these people are not living in the real world” said an Umno minister today.

Speaking to reporters outside the Parliament lobby, the Tourism and Culture Minister said there is “no way his Muslim faith” would be affected by consuming a hotdog

“In fact, I think I want to eat a hotdog now. Hot dogs have always been known to be western food.

“It comes from the English language. Please do not make us to be stupid and ‘kuno’ (backward).

“Hot dog is hot dog la. Even in Bahasa Malaysia it’s called hot dog. It’s been around for so many years,” he said.

Nazri added such fuss was only done by people who are ignorant.

“They are not living in the real world. My Muslim-ness is not at all affected by eating a hot dog. I think I want to eat a hotdog now.

“There is no need for this. It’s a stupid issue,” said the Padang Rengas MP.

On Monday, Auntie Anne’s Quality Assurance and Halal Executive Farhatul Kamilah Mohamed Sazali said the company had submitted several options for a food product name and was awaiting a decision from Jakim’s panel.

She said that the “Pretzel Dog” name had to be changed to a more appropriate name, based on Jakim’s guidelines.

It was later reported that Jakim had asked Auntie Anne’s to change the name of its “Pretzel Dog” to “Pretzel Sausage” in order to qualify for halal certification.


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