Mahathir accused for poor public transport

 |Oct 17, 2016
Premier Najib accused Mahathir for neglecting the public transport system.
Premier Najib accused Mahathir for neglecting the public transport system.

Prime Minister Najib Razak accused former premier Mahathir Mohamad for promoting more on national car Proton rather than improving the country’s public transportation system.

Najib alleged that Mahathir never paid any attention to uplift the public transport.

“There is nothing wrong with that but it’s better to have an efficient and reliable public transport system,” Najib told this when speaking at Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) event today.

Najib said the government will continue to address the nation’s public transport needs through holistic and inclusive solutions both in urban and rural areas.

The prime minister said this was to ensure that land public transport continued to be relevant to the people and was up to par with the standards of developed nations.

He noted that the land public transport system transformation had recorded commendable progress, in tandem with significant strides achieved through the National Transformation Programme (NTP).

Najib reckoned that this improvement, which was being felt across the nation, could not have transpired had the government held back from tackling some deeply introspective questions before embarking on the NTP.

Better public transport was a critical precursor for socioeconomic growth, particularly in enabling improved quality of life, increased productivity, investments and creation of more high-value jobs for citizens, added Najib.