Police to probe anti-Bersih group for intimidation

 |Oct 16, 2016
Some unwanted incidents broke out during the Bersih convoy.
Police will probe the anti-Bersih demonstrators.

Police will probe a group of anti-Bersih demonstrators for criminal intimidation for roughing up The Star, Malayskini journalists and cameraman.

The journalists were harassed after observing a group of 30 bikers harassed Bersih supporters in Kuala Selangor.

The commotion took place after Bersih supporters had driven through Sekinchan, Tanjung Karang and Kuala Selangor as part of their convoy to promote the Nov 19 rally.

Malaysiakini said two men were taken away by police after the commotion yesterday, and that police found cartons of eggs in the boot of a car belonging to an anti-Bersih protestor.

Some five members of the anti-Bersih group dressed in red, harassed two Star reporters and a videographer, The Star reported.

One reporter was told to delete video footage of a confrontation between the two groups of demonstrators.

According to a report in The Star “When she refused, they grabbed her by the collar of her t-shirt, pushed her, and shouted “delete, delete” at her. They were also heard shouting: You dari mana? Malaysiakini! (Where are you from? Malaysiakini!),”

A videographer was surrounded and told to delete the video footage on his phone.

His phone was snatched from him and a member of the group took a photograph of his media tag, the Star reported.

Last night, Malaysiakini said its photographer was punched on her shoulder when she was about to go to her car after taking pictures of a separate anti-Bersih group nearby. Some men shouted racial insults at her.