National blueprint for Indian community in January next year

Oct 16, 2016
PM Najib has announced a blueprint plan, for the Indian community, which will be launched in 2017.

The government will launch a national blueprint for the Indian community in January next year to assist the community in the socio-economic aspects.

Prime Minister Najib Razak in his speech at MIC’s 70th annual general meeting said the plan will be a living document which will cover all aspects.

He said a secretariat will be set up to identify and carry out the implementation of government policies to the Indian community.

Najib added the plan will solve many problems in the implementation of our policies to the community.

“This blueprint will be a living document. It encompasses all. We will form a strong secretariat (for implementation).

“Before this there were hitches in implementation (of plans for the community) whereby decisions I made were not executed well down the line, there were setbacks.

“That is why we need a strong secretariat for proper follow through so that there is no interference in the decisions we make.

“I am disappointed that the decisions I made (for the community before this) were not fully implemented,” he said.

On top of that, he said the plan will help the government to identify issues of concern at the root and ensure implementation issues do not arise.

He also urged MIC to discuss with other parties representing the Indian community to form a strategic collaboration to face the next general election.

Najib wanted to see a more united Indians since there are many political parties and NGOs representing the Indian community.