MIC Youth welcomes NCC2 plan

 |Oct 13, 2016
Sivarraajh welcomes the call made by Nazir Razak to revive NCC2
Sivarraajh welcomes the call made by Nazir Razak to revive NCC2

MIC Youth welcomes the idea to bring back the second National Consultative Council (NCC2).

It’s chief Sivarraajh Chandran said our country need to find solutions for the various multi-faceted and unresolved social integration issues plaguing at present.

“I fully support the initiative without any reservations.

“Pressing public issues like corruption, public integrity, worsening drug abuse, racial and religious extremism, urban poverty, rising cost of living and unemployment as well as the lack of affordable housing, need urgent solutions.

“The pressing issue of race relations has hit an all-time low, the political scene is uglier and some people are taking to the streets calling themselves yellow or red shirt groups,” said Sivarraajh.

He added that the NCC2 set up should adopt effective, non-partisan solutions to address structural problems in the country’s social, economic and political spheres.

“I believe the NCC2 should be a national platform for reconciliation to address the socio-economic and political challenges of our country.

“Its members should be among the best and brightest brains from a cross-section of our society to work out a new socio-economic blueprint and a new political order and help create a new vision for Malaysia.

The idea to revive NCC2 was kick started by CIMB banker Najib Razak recently.

The first NCC was set up after the May 13 racial riots in 1969 by our second prime minister Abdul Razak Hussein.

Its aim was to foster moderation, inter-racial cooperation and national unity for a Malaysian national identity.

It created the Rukunegara which fostered harmony and unity for a multi-racial society.

But these principles have frayed on its edges and it is time new NCC2 is badly needed now, said Sivarraajh.

Sivarraajh also believes the NCC2 should consist of Youth participation of all races to discuss and solve sensitive issues rationally.

Earlier, MCA president Liow Tiong Lai supported the plan that seeks national reconciliation, moderation, harmony and unity in diversity.

He said the party believed that it was time for the nation to come together to address the various issues facing Malaysia.

He added there’s a need to deal with the differing minds from various stakeholders of all races in urban and rural communities


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