|Oct 13, 2016

Dad’s favourite milkshake of blended vanilla ice cream and milk with that distinct creamy, fruity and alcoholic taste pale in comparison to the monstrous “freakshakes” that’s rolling out of copycat cafes.

Created by mother-and-daughter team Gina and Anna Petridis, contestants on the reality TV show My Kitchen Rules, these FreakShakesTM garnered much attention at their Pâtissez café in Canberra, Australia.

These creations are epic with the sole purpose to stretch the imagination far and wide.

Our waistline may be stretched accordingly but our taste buds will thank us for this kind of indulgence.

Over-the-top, Instagram and gawk worthy, these milkshakes, spill over with their crazy toppings of cookies, brownies, marshmallows and even a small glass jar of Nutella!

Decadent almost to an impossibility these monster shakes are the size of a child’s head.

Calories laden, coyly sweet one of these will probably send you into a diabetic coma with the price tag worth of weekend’s hour queue and at least a whopping 1,600calories.

The freak show doesn’t stop at shakes, there are freakcakes to join the family of Frankenstein proportions for a sugar buzz that’s bound to make you bounce off walls and ceiling.

Which brings us back to the acronym – diet, as in Dare-I-Eat-That!

Doris Lim is a Malaysia Outlook contributor with a keen eye for details developed form her background in architecture and design. Her affable personality and passion to celebrate life is captured in her stories of the community. Doris’ love for all things beautiful and quirky is tempered by her love for writing, photography, food, art and travel.