Budget 2017: MIC Youth proposes special unit to monitor Indian fund allocation

 |Oct 11, 2016
Sivarraajh Chandran wish to have 'iPadu' special unit to monitor funds allocated to the Indian community in the Budget 2017.
Sivarraajh Chandran wish to have ‘iPadu’ special unit to monitor funds allocated to the Indian community in the Budget 2017.

MIC Youth has proposed the ‘iPadu’ special unit that would monitor all government allocations for the Indian community.

Youth wing chief Sivarraajh Chandran said the special unit will help to ensure a high level of transparency and funds are not misappropriated.

“iPadu is an important platform of the MIC’s budget proposals for 2017.

“Many allegations from opposition have been thrown that MIC had hijacked government allocation and not dispersed properly.

“These allegations have become a byword for the opposition in every election,” said Sivarraajh via a statement.

As an example, Sivarraajh said there are allegations Tamil schools funding are misappropriated.

This idea to have a centralised fund monitoring unit is mooted by its Youth chief Sivarraajh.

Sivarraajh hopes Prime Minister Najib Razak will take into consideration on the proposal made by MIC.

He also praised Najib for continuously giving hope and support to the Indian community.

On top of that MIC Youth also urged the government that PR1MA housing schemes should change to open balloting rather than quota system.

“This will allow fairer distribution of government housing schemes to all races.

“We propose to the government to allocate 10% for the Indians in the PR1MA housing projects.

“On the other hand, Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB) housing schemes should also set a 10% quota for the Indians.

“A special task force should be formed to monitor the Indian’s participation,” he added.

Sivarraajh also listed down his wish list for the Indian community for the upcoming Budget 2017 as follows:

  • Increase employment rate to 5% in government sector and government linked companies (GLCs);
  • Give more direct job opportunities for the Indian community;
  • Assist with micro credit loan facilities for the small enterprises and
  • Expand the Tekun programs with grants and other business development incentives. Last year Najib announced RM100 million through Tekun Nasional micro credit facilities for Indians.
  • To set up revolving fund amounting to RM500 million to assist Indian entrepreneurs.
  • Financial assistance for Indian students pursuing education overseas. (alike MARA schemes)
  • To build residential school for Indians  (i.e. Asrama) to provide more conducive environment to study. This will benefit students from poor families.
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