20 years on, Ezam’s six boxes nowhere in sight

 |Apr 3, 2017


It seems Ezam Mohd Nor and Khairuddin Abu Hassan have yet to officially register their new party, Parti Bebas Rasuah (PBR).

It also seems it is not a new party but an existing party called the NewGen Party.

Maybe a different name should be considered because Parti Bebas Rasuah may give an impression that it support corruption rather than oppose corruption.

It is like the difference between free sex and sex free.

So is it bebas untuk rasuah or bebas dari rasuah?

Furthermore, Ezam has been talking about corruption for almost 20 years.

Since 1998-1999, Ezam has promised Malaysians that he was going to reveal the contests of the six boxes of documentary evidence that he possessed regarding the corrupt acts of Mahathir Mohamad and other Umno leaders.

Then, on December 31, 2008, Ezam said the six boxes were now in Anwar Ibrahim’s hands, as reported by Malaysiakini here:
Bekas Ketua Pemuda PKR, Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor – yang terkenal dengan “enam kotak dokumen rasuah” melibatkan pimpinan Umno dan BN – mendakwa bukti-bukti itu tidak ada pada beliau, sebaliknya berada di tangan Penasihat PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. “Kalau ada pada saya, sudah tentu saya tunjukkan. Saya konsisten dengan perjuangan membenteras rasuah.”

Ezam has to clear this matter up first before talking about fighting corruption.

Not only is this matter still outstanding after almost 20 years but the very people he is now working with are the same people he previously accused of corruption.

Do these six boxes really exist or was this all just a big lie?

This is not a good way to start a new party because this makes Ezam look like a brothel owner campaigning against prostitution.

Raja Sara Petra is a MO reader and a political commentator. Raja Sara understands that every Malaysian, like the three generations of her family before her, must do their bit for Malaysia. Although she was from what can be considered as an elite family, she empathises with the difficulties most Malaysians have to endure in their daily lives.