1MDB was sabotaged in 2013 and they all knew it

 |Feb 2, 2017

Mahathir - George Soros

For the past two-and-a-half months, Malaysia Today has been featuring a series of articles wrapped around the idea that the global elites have long been manipulating Southeast Asian economies.

The series took off by introducing George Soros as the man who architected the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis while pursuing a regime change agenda in Malaysia and Indonesia.

As the series progressed, it became clear that Soros was also the man who triggered the 2007 world financial crisis, though it was neither by his design nor that of his associates.

Still, we’re talking about two monetary disasters in just one decade, each sparking the devaluation of major currencies and shattering stock markets worldwide.

But that wasn’t the biggest shocker.

The biggest shocker came with the revelation that Tony Blair was complicit with Soros from the day the he assumed control of Number 10 Downing Street, the headquarters of the United Kingdom (UK) government.

Equally shocking was the revelation that the ex-premier was the brains behind a multifaceted conspiracy to sabotage 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund.

Mahathir - Tony Blair - George Soros - 1MDB

Currently, in its eleventh instalment, this series has met skepticism from some quarters who are adamant that the Prime Minister (PM) of Malaysia Najib Razak, had misappropriated funds worth billions of dollars belonging to the people of Malaysia.

These quarters are fixated with the idea that I am a con-artist hired by the Prime Minister to keep him in power.

But the very fact that these skeptics get their dope from the opposition reeks of irony.

Last Friday, my team confirmed – beyond any doubt – that Tony Pua was promised USD10-15 million by a group of foreigners linked to Soros and Blair to impute blame on Najib for ‘robbing Malaysians of their wealth’.

The group is keeping Pua in its clutches simply because the opposition parliamentarian has roots running deep through some banking circles in Singapore.

Now, this is the same Pua who just recently filed a 110-page claim at a Kuala Lumpur court implying that Najib had used 1MDB as a vehicle to cart some billions into his coffers.

So it looks like Pua is working hard to earn his keep with the group after all.

That may explain why the Petaling Jaya Utara MP wasn’t all that pleased when I made public his associations with Muhyiddin Yassin, the former deputy prime minister (DPM) of Malaysia.

You see, Pua’s mission was to turn voters against Najib by impressing upon them that the PM had dragged 1MDB to the brink of a collapse.

I, on the other hand, revealed the existence of a complicity between Pua and Muhyiddin since July 2013 to trigger the fund’s collapse.

So how can voters trust Pua anymore?

If they don’t trust him, how can he earn the USD10-15 million that the group of foreigners promised him?

Tony Pua - 1MDB

Yes, Malaysians are an ignorant lot.

They believe every bit of information that Pua and his overlords tell them.

Even Lim Kit Siang had come to know in July 2013 of plans by a group of foreigners to sabotage 1MDB.

Both he and Pua made very sure that news of those plans remained tightly guarded.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Kit Siang has one more reason to pop a bitter pill into his mouth every night before he goes to sleep.

That explains why the senior Lim secretly harbours a grudge against me.

But he’s not alone.

A great many people have a lot to lose should I persist with these exposes, estimated to span some 20-25 parts.

I’m not even sure I will come back alive should I plan a trip to, say, California or New York.

I am told, there are those in the US and perhaps even in Abu Dhabi who may actually want me dead.

But it is not as if I had expected any differently.

The risks that come along with this job are very real, while the danger is always presumed imminent.

Still, so long as there is breath in me, I shall remain The Third Force and will see to it that the truth never gets obscured by media propaganda or the flawed perception of the feeble-minded Malaysian.

Battling that perception is what this article is about.

Today, I will attempt to address some questions raised by skeptics, beginning with the one that has been the source of irritation to Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), the founder of Malaysia Today.

Despite having repeatedly explained to Malaysians that RPK signs off each of his articles with his name, a group of opposition Pakatuns are deliberately engaging cyber-troopers to post comments alleging that RPK penned this series.

Sources reveal that the cyber-troopers are led by Kit Siang and are on a mission to discredit RPK for anything I say.

Well, let me be clear then – these articles are written by me, Raggie Jessy, a guest columnist with Malaysia Today.

Everything I do, I do without prejudice and in the greater interest of national security.

I am not a paid blogger and do not engage in the fabrication of stories, as alleged by Kit Siang’s cyber-trooper team.

Lim Kit Siang - 1MDB

At no point in time was I instructed to write these articles or any other that Malaysia Today has featured thus far.

Neither do I expect Malaysia Today, or, for that matter, Malaysian Outlook, to shoulder the burden of my resolve to right wrong through my writing, be it an opinion piece, analytical piece or even a breaking story.

I do what I do because I believe in what I do.

Malaysia Today has been kind enough to offer me the space to do just that.

Frankly, that is something I am not at liberty to reveal even if the authorities were to compel me to do so using stringent Malaysian laws.

I am willing to go down keeping my mouth shut.

If that is the price I must pay to get the truth into the open, then so be it.

The fact is, the means by which I obtain the truth may at times transgress the bounds of law.

If I were to assign myself an epithet befitting those means, I might be termed a vigilante of sorts, a person who is not a member of law enforcement but who pursues persons suspected of lawbreaking and punishes them.

I say ‘punishes’, because I think my articles are punishing enough to those I accuse of wrongdoing.

For instance, when I reveal that Tony Pua is a criminal, you can rest assured that it affects him immensely.

Really? Tony Pua is a criminal?

Yes, he is.

Pua failed to inform the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) what he already knew in July 2013.

He knew that then Second Minister of Finance Ahmad Husni Mohd Hanadzlah was complicit with a group of foreigners to render 1MDB insolvent.

Pua even knew that the then chief executive officer (CEO) of 1MDB Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi had conspired with the Emiratis to squeeze the Malaysian fund for cash.

Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi - 1MDB

Didn’t it occur to Pua that an intervention by the authorities then could have averted a dispute currently being arbitrated at a London court?

Isn’t what he did tantamount to abetting a crime wherein which money from 1MDB was stolen?

Doesn’t that make Pua a criminal?

The only way he can come out of this clean is if he were to trigger action pursuant to law against me for making these ‘preposterous’ claims.

So Ahmad Husni and Shahrol are criminals too?

You bet.

The duo abused their respective positions in their respective offices when they sanctioned payments to a company registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Aabar Investments PJS Limited (Aabar-BVI).

They did this despite knowing that the founder of the company, Kahdem al-Qubaisi, had no intentions of remitting those payments to the intended recipient, the Abu Dhabi based International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC).

Sources reveal that the duo were promised ‘rewards’ amounting to gratification worth USD10-15 million each just to keep their mouths shut.

The last I checked, it was an offence for any officer of a public body to use his/her office or position for gratification through his/her actions or decisions, pursuant to Section 23 of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Act 2009.

Sources also reveal that Shahrol had known since December 2012 of plans by Qubaisi, then the managing director of IPIC, to reap benefits using funds siphoned from 1MDB.

Not only did Shahrol keep his mouth shut, he deceptively led the fund to believe that Aabar-BVI was a subsidiary of IPIC.

Now doesn’t that make Shahrol a criminal?

Ahmad Husni Mohd Hanadzlah - 1MDB

How accurate is the information contained in my articles?

You may as well ask the same question to Mahathir – how accurate are the claims he makes in his blog posts?

According to the grand old man, Najib had dissipated funds worth RM42 billion into thin air.

Well, shouldn’t he be furnishing Malaysians with hard proof showing exactly how Najib dissipated those funds?

Otherwise, why should you believe him and not me? Just because he was an ex-premier?

Malaysians should also ask Clare Rewcastle Brown to list down the names of 1MDB officials who conspired to siphon wealth from the fund and attach hard evidence to validate her claims.

We need to know who these people are and how they carried out the crime.

No more juicy stories coated with applesauce, but the cut and dry proof of who did what, when and where.

And how.

Clare Brown - Tony Pua - 1MDB

Clare Brown should also clarify if she had been promised millions by persons linked to Blair or the Emiratis to wage a media campaign against 1MDB.

While she’s at it, she should reveal if Husni was complicit with her against Najib or ‘paid’ by persons linked to Qubaisi to keep his mouth shut.

I, for one, would like to know if Husni is at this very moment the beneficial owner of a property unit in the United States worth approximately USD5 million.

Malaysian’s would also like to know of Pua’s links with Clare Brown.

The opposition parliamentarian had on several occasions consorted with the Sarawak Report chief editor to plan attacks on Najib and 1MDB.

Pua is said to have hopped on board Clare Brown’s express a year after he was appointed to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) as panel member.

If Mahathir and Clare Brown can produce legitimate answers to the questions above, then, and only then, will I come out publicly to announce that Clare Brown is in fact the reincarnation of Mother Teressa and that Mahathir was Malaysia’s very own Gandhi.

But that will never happen.

The only thing they know to do is lie, lie and lie.

Clare Brown - Sarawak Report

And no – I never lie.

Will the crown prince of Abu Dhabi admit the truth?

I’m not sure.

You’ll really have to ask his men that question.

There are those who believe that Sheikh Mohammed Zayed al-Nahyan loves his brother, Sheikh Mansour Zayed al-Nahyan, so much, that he’s not likely to admit the latter had had once conspired with Qubaisi to rob 1MDB of its worth.

But rest assured, the crown prince is as determined to get to the bottom of the brouhaha surrounding the Malaysian fund as is the Malaysian government.

I am told, he is planning to seek a compromise that is fair, and, in his view, honourable.

Mohammed is also taking steps to ensure that the government of Abu Dhabi gets its act together.

That explains why he plans to merge Mubadala Development Company with IPIC.

The crown prince wants Mansour under his radars at all times and does not trust his brother to lead another state-owned company all by himself. – Malaysia Today